Birdwatching with passion

Who We Are

Johan has worked as a guide from 2003, since then his passion about nature it been growing. In 2007 after amazing encounters with the birds of Carara National Park he decide to initiate a research about the birds of these National Park that leads him to create and organize the Christmas Bird Count of Carara National Park with Audubon National Society, in September of the same year Johan is part of the organizing committee of Shore Birds Count of Costa Rica, and during the first count he reported by first time to its country the Pacific Golden Plover. Johan is also co-founder of the Costa Rican Ornithologists Union, where actively participates in the various bird conservation programs, He currently studies the career Management and Protection of Natural Resources. Johan has conducted several bird’s inventories in various areas of Costa Rica so he has a great knowledge about the status and distribution of the Costa Rican birds. During several years as a birdwatching guide he has developed a teaching technique full of analogies and metaphors which change the experience of just birdwatching into a very educational activity about natural history of birds which is reflected in all performing tours.